Our parteners and Freinds

  • MensenmeteenMissie,Netherlands MM: With this organization ACEDH the Dutch developed a one-year program code 115.1279 Project “Reconciliation of political Parties/groups- Pygmy peoples “for their participation in the decisions making and in the management of public affairs 2014-2015 in the DRC, North Kivu, Sake Masisi. And other project of Human Rigths Defenders 
  • The Netherlands Justice and peace, we have a programme in Securing Land, advocacy , comminity Based  for saving environnement in North Kivu.
  • Front Lane Defenders 
  • Amnisty International
  • Hague Peace Project…
  • UN angency, Local NGOs and medias  of civil society which work on these topics and other net work.  Like CVPD, BCNUDH MONUSCO, PANZI FONDATION, OKAPI RADIO OF UN , HRW, UN HCR, UN HABITAT ,  HDPE, SOPROP, CREDDHO, DPA, IBW, ACAT, SFVS, Provincial Coordination and Urban Civil Society, UAID, COJESKI, REPRODHOC, ASSODIP, CREDDHO, GADHOP, IBW, AAP,  SYFIA GREAT LAKES, Top Congo FM, SOVEREIGN PEOPLE, CPP, OCP, TOP CONGO, Amani Institute, CEPDH, GOVODHI,  SAJ, SOPROP, FDAPID Hope, REID, EFIM …… 
  1. South Kivu: Groupe Jérémie, ICJP, MIJAS, Olame Centre, Builders of Peace SLFI Bukavu
  2. NB: Local level, collaboration is extended to the security of the Public institutions and judicial and other debtors of human rights and environment or in charge securing the rights of the weaks