Human Rigths Defenders and Transparency in Land Administration

The ACEDH , think that, the Human Rigths Defenders and these other people who need developement , to promote Land rigths for poors and other vulnerables, have a good occasion this time, to day not to morrow to take this issue and make a good advocacy for combat corruption in land governance and judiciary system.

The mission of Human Rigths Defenders is more important in that case be cause  land issue and his management is one of the cause of destration of environment and to bring the poors population in bad situation which can not permet to support  his needs in human rigths .

The land tenure is not one thematic which must be saw like social question, but in DRC land issue is be come politic issue, economic issue, and identity issue so it is move much things which make hardmore and more  the Environment situation and Human Rigths .

Same time, we can think that Land don´t have link with Environment or with Human Rigth, but in pratical , the link is very easy to prove.

For exemple, in DRC, people who stay in the villages,make to use land like an engine of his economy, they use to cultivate soil for getting foods and other but for feeding, for business,…and to buld a house need to have a ground. So land is in this way an issue which support Human Rigths,




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